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Shortlisted for the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize

“We are absolutely thrilled to invite you to the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Awards & Festival of Words, most importantly because your brilliant entry, Chance Encounter, has made it through to the shortlist of 10 – well done!

This is a remarkable achievement that you should be very proud of, particularly as we received almost 1,000 entries from 32 countries, more than last year on both counts.

As a consequence, your work will be included in the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Anthology, which will soon be available to pre-order in our shop, but will be widely available to order from your local bookshops after the 26th March.”



72yo author publishes first book – My Daily News

HOLDING her first published book in her hands is a dream come true for Uki author Maris Morton.

Ms Morton, 72, who was the winner of the inaugural CAL Scribe Fiction Prize in 2010, received the book contract as part of the prize, along with $12,000 earlier this year.

“It was very exciting when the finished book finally arrived,” she said. <Read the full article>


You’re never too old to write a bestseller – DeeScribe Writing

I also say that it doesn’t matter what age you are, you are never too old to write a great novel, short story or whatever you set your mind to.

Which is why I wanted this post to be about saluting Maris Morton, the inaugural winner of the CAL Scribe Fiction Prize. A Darker Music is Maris’s debut novel and at 72 she is seeing her dream of becoming an author realised. <Read the full article>


A Dream Come True at 72 – Boomerang Books Blog

Maris Morton has always loved to write but has never had a book published. At the age of 72 she will finally see her name in bookstores when her winning entry to the CAL Scribe Fiction Prize, A Darker Music, hits the shelves at the end of this month. <Read the full article>


Maris Morton: A Darker Music – Australian Book Review

Morton’s A Darker Music, a traditional narrative set in rural Western Australia, spans events of roughly a hundred year, but the focus is on the present day, upon which the past has cast grim shadows. <Read the full review>


Review: A Darker Music by Maris Morton – Book’d Out

A Darker Music is a haunting and lyrical novel of quiet tragedy. The writing is elegant and evocative, the pace simmers with quiet anxiety and dread. Morton incorporates the lifestyle and minutae of the farm operations and creates a sense of place with lush descriptions of the station and its surroundings. Yet they are simply a backdrop to the finely crafted characters. <Read the full review>


A Darker Music by Maris Morton – Michelle Dennis Evans, author

Maris takes us on a journey to unravel the mysterious family tapestry of silence, blame, neglect, dysfunction and grief. Her words compel us to turn every page, hoping for some more information to piece the ‘Downe’ puzzle together. Morton draws us in with intriguing facts about the wool industry, fossils and wildflowers. Her descriptive prose intoxicates the senses with her vivid depiction of rural Western Australia. As she illustrates the timeless musical greats, I could imagine the string section tuning up, and her ability to portray the many meals served throughout the book will have you salivating. <Read the full review>

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